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Band saws

We are your authorized DoAll Sawing Products distributor.  DoAll offers band saws in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic configurations.


Manual saws are purchased for more general use.  The Doall bandsaw can cut with or without coolant.  Cutting wet is best for hard and thick material so buying a saw with coolant is the most versatile, as you can cut dry or wet depending on the material.

Vertical bandsaws are designed to keep the blade's path stationary while the work piece moves through it. Vertical bandsaws can be purchased with a built in blade welder. This allows the the user to fix broken blades.  Pretty handy!!

Semi-Automatic Band Saws

Semi-automatic metal cutting bandsaws operate with a hydraulic down feed. This means you can set the weight or feed rate of the blade with a hydraulic ram that you can increase or decrease the pressure applied to the blade has as it cuts the material.  Once the cut is finished, you manually lift the head to home position to start the next cut.

Automatic Bandsaws

These are the most efficient.  All you do is set the feed rate and press "Go."Automatic bandsaws have a preset fall, part clamping pressure, and material indexing. These bandsaws are primarily used in machine shops of high production. Think about it:  On guy can load one machine and press "Go" and move to another machine just finishing, load material and press that green "Go" button again and move to the next machine.  Simple as that.